Join Samantha in Costa Rica for a transformative life experience!

07.05. – 12.05.15


Recognized as the #1 Happiest Place on Earth, Costa Rica is rich in natural wonders and extraordinary biodiversity. On the wild Nicoya Peninsula you’ll find yourself far from tourist hordes, on miles of unsullied beaches.

What better place for you to recharge and come home incredibly empowered, happy, focused, and unstoppable? 

Pura Vida is the profoundly optimistic life philosophy of the world’s happiest people – a Pacific jungle version of "hakuna matata." Pura Vida translates as “pure life”, and Costa Ricans use the phrase as a common greeting that roughly means life is wonderful no matter what challenges you face; enjoy it to the fullest.

Join Samantha for her Pura Vida Empowerment Retreat where you’ll experience living a peaceful, simple, uncluttered, and purposeful life with a deep appreciation for nature, family and friends, and learn how to bring the pura vida state of mind home to your “real life” in Canada. Samantha will give you the tools to live out your dreams - read more about course content in theEmpowerment Program Synopsis below.

Empowerment program synopsis:

This life-changing program is designed to enable you to create the life you most want! The premise of the Empowerment Life Coaching program is that our beliefs create the conditions in our life. If we wish to change our life, we need to reframe existing perspectives, envision new possibilities, transform limiting beliefs that create our current situation and then come up with a realistic plan.

This multi-day program will take you on a transformative journey through a variety of liberating group, written and visualization exercises. 

You will be given the opportunity to explore the 7 core areas of your life in a supportive, non-judgmental, space. They are:

1. Emotions

2. Relationships

3. Health, Sexuality & Wellness

4. Work & Career

5. Money & Finances

6. Recreation & Play

7. Spirituality & Personal Growth

You will also leave with the following 4 transformative life tools:

•   a stronger vision of your ideal self and how to create a life you value by designing your very own
    Personal Life Map!

•   learn how to better nourish your body and mind to feel healthy and be at your very best.

•   gain communication tools to assert your needs to loved ones to convey the changes you wish to sustain going

•   learn how to better manage stress and get into the driver seat of your life!




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Ever longed to escape to a place where the only thing that mattered was your writing? Ever imagined yourself in a writer’s paradise where creativity flowed naturally and beauty was all around you? Then come join Jacob for a life changing retreat of writing, creative exploration and meditation in tranquil Costa Rica.

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