Autogryrocopter - is connected to the Hotel Flying Crocodile an Ultra-Light Flying Center. The experienced pilots offer a very special flight experience, on the beaches and the jungle nearby. You can also be your own pilot, by purchasing your own ticket. With a license, you can charter the aircraft also.


Hotel Las Palmas San Jose - with Overnight Stays at the San Jose airport shuttle service. Arrive at rest or departures.


Wild Rider - A car rental with spirit and customer service. Whether prior to departure or on the ground, they take care of your concern.


Akkuweather - providing always have the current weather for your travel and trips. And also in advance to know what you should pack.


Beachwear - Still looking for the perfect outfit for your visit to the beach? - Then you are right here.


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runway lots & river lots & ocean view lots



The adventure will take Andreas and Dorren across deserts, mountains and oceans, along with some of the world’s most remote outposts all over America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, is expected to take 3 to 4 years and cover over 100,000 miles with stop offs in 74 to 80 countries, till they will reach Sydney / Australia.